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Okay, I know this is not the regular question that someone throws at you. it is a personal choice to use adult toys and there is no right whatsoever of stopping someone who uses them albeit even being judgmental about the fact that someone you know uses them regularly. It is a matter of choice. Just like everyone has a right to choose what they want to eat, wear and live their life.

Open mindedness is a boon: .

When we talk about people and their choices, there is always a risk of overstepping. While it is true that there can all kinds of people in the world, the greater truth is that a person must never live his life to please other people. The choices one makes in life including the use of adult sex toys

Is something that he must nevershy away from only because he fears a backlash from the society or his friends and relatives. Here are some myths that we need to shatter in order that the society becomes open minded about these wonderful little things.

Myth #1

Sex toys are for people with a big appetite for sex.

This mindset has to go. If there is anyone out there who thinks that this is what it is, I pity them. Sex toys are not just for people with voracious sex appetite. In fact, they are for every person who wants to have fun masturbating or enjoy twosome sex with their partner more pleasurably. These toys make the union much more exciting!

Myth #2

There is only so much choice.

This cannot be farthest from the reality. A lot of people do not know exactly what is there on offer and so there is this general feeling that when it comes to sex toys, there is a vibrator and there is a dildo and that is all there is to it.

If you ever have the time to explore the repertoire of the Adult products world over, you will not only be surprised but pleasantly so because there are not hundreds but thousands of them ready to titillate you and give you the best moments of your life. What more can you even ask for?

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What is there to explore? .

  • The Vibrator

  • Dildos

  • Sprays, gels, lubricants

  • Penis Rings, pumps

  • Anal sex toys

  • Sex dolls

1 . The Vibrator

This is probably the most common and the most well known sex toy over the centuries. It resembles the male phallus and can come in hundreds of variations and sizes. The vibrator is battery operated and thus can be used to stimulate women. It is a great toy to begin your foreplay with and also to masturbate. The vibrator is not only the lady’s favorite but men are also known to enjoy the vibration on their sex assets. A good vibration on their penis or testes can take them to a high right before their actual sexual encounter with their partners.

2. Dildos

Dildos are non battery operated penis shaped sex toy that manually needs to be used for stimulation. A lot of women prefer dildos to vibrators because with a dildo they are more in control of the thrust and they can also stimulate their g spots more effectively. The choice between the vibrator and the dildo is an open one but a recent analysis of an online market trend in sex toys proved categorically that dildos are more famous than the vibrators. There are so many variants of dildos that one can go bonkers trying to figure out which one it is that they want to own. You could check out our strap on dildos collection featuring the latest and the most ergonomic dildos that can be strapped on the pelvic so that the thrusting is rhythmic and consistently builds up the tempo gearing it in the right direction towards the best of climaxes.

3 . Sprays, gels, lubricants:

These are lubricating gels and sprays that help increase pleasure. They applied on to the male and female genitals for easy maneuverability and heightening orgasm.

4. Penis Rings, pumps:

These are contraptions used to stimulate the male organ. They help quicker erection and also help to maintain the erection for a longer period of time.

5. Anal sex toys:

Apart from the dildo and the vibrators, there are also hundreds of other sex toys that can bring pleasure to you and with your partner. One can stock up on as many as they need in order to have something new and exciting every time that they meet.

6. Sex dolls:

These are full sized dolls that have anus and they can be used to have intercourse with. They are a big hit world over and have received overwhelming response. There are options galore in case you are looking for great fun. There is truckload that you can shop for till you drop!